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This is an entertainment  site in Bangla language. This site features Bangla jokes of different categories. Most of the jokes are submitted by this site’s user. All the jokes listed in this site is of clean and funny humor.  No offensive or dirty jokes included or intended.  This is a site for family entertainment.  Most contentof this site is written in unicode writing format for Bangla language. This website intends no copyright infringement of any kind. If someone claims any joke of this site  to be their sole property, will be removed immediately by this site’s admin.

This sites archives all the common bangla jokes that are available and are appropriate for clean family entertainment. This site also translates some einglish jokes to bangla. You can see some common jokes in this site which has been published in other sites. believes that just because publishing jokes earlier doesn’t give them the authority of the jokes. So, the jokes that are well established may be included in this website although those are available in other websites. takes an approach to collect all the available bangla jokes out there

Disclaimer: The website is not responsible for it’s published jokes. It’s user’s sole responsibility to send clean, funny and offense free jokes. If you find any particular jokes in this site that you think to be inappropriate, you can report the joke using our contact form. The joke will be deleted soon if there is valid reason to delete it.

It is an open entertainment platform to share funny bangla jokes. Please do not use this platform for spamming and flooding.

About Cookies used by this site: For registered users, this site may store some cookies based on your preference to remember you as logged in user or for other purposes. The cookies used are not malicious and are totally safe. The plug ins used in this website may store some third party cookies but they are safe as well.  However, if you wish, you can disable cookie reception for this site through your web browser settings though it is not recommended if you are a registered member of this site.

E-mail privacy: We hate spamming as much as you do! The email address you use in this site to register is not distributed or revealed to any third party websites or softwares. We give your privacy highest priority. People will know about you as much you want them to know.

Profile visibility and identity privacy: The user profile you create will be visible to both the registered and non-registered members. However, for the non registered, the URL of your profile will be hidden.

The site is planned to be a jokes community site full of funny and entertaining Bangla Jokes.  Soon this site will have forum facilities and blogging facilities.

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